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Get the Jen Effect

Posted in Promotions & News on Monday, 19 June 2017.

Its undeniable that the anti-aging market has dramatically changed over the last few years, and with famous faces such as Jennifer Anniston’s still not looking a day over 30, we all want to know her secret!



The revolutionary innovations which have emerged over the last 10 years play a big part in this, allowing us to retain our youthful, glowing skin for longer than ever. Jennifer Anniston is admirably very open about her skincare regimes and how she keeps her skin looking and feeling fresh, providing inspiration for women the world over.

Whether you’ve never taken a step towards anti-aging products, or are someone who has tested (almost) everything on the market, these fantastic treatments could dramatically transform your skin. Jennifer Anniston, and Jennifer Lopez have both confessed, that one of their favourite skin treats is a personalised CACI treatment, and you too could get the Jen effect…

CACI Treatments

CACI treatments are essentially non-surgical facelifts, or a workout for your face if you will. The way that the treatment works is by sending tiny electrical impulses through the face, which can lift and tone facial muscles. The treatment is relatively pain free, and comes in at a very tempting price, offering a fantastic alternative to a surgical facelift, particularly as there is no scarring. The treatment itself can increase the skins elasticity; reduce fine lines and wrinkles, offering an overall more youthful look. Tailored to the needs of your skin, this treatment can focus on problem areas around the eyes, jaw or face. Moisturising treatments, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy can also be combined with the CACI treatments for the most effective results for your skin. We offer CACI in Bristol, so get in touch today to book your new skin saviour!

This treatment is well loved by many celebrity icons, and not just the two Jennifers! These include, supermodel Linda Evangelista and actress Martine Mccatcheon, as well as model and presenter Lisa Snowdon.

Environ Skincare Vitamin A Products and Facials

Although we haven’t yet heard any claims that either of the Jen’s have tested out this range, there are plenty of other celebs who have fallen in love with the treatment, and it is one that we certainly recommend to give your skin a boost. Environ skincare is a fantastic all-round solution that can combat several issues in just one treatment. From problematic skin with rosacea and dry skin, to those looking for a youthful lift, Environ treatments can be carefully tailored to your specific needs.

The treatments combine a breadth of technology to create the ultimate skincare regime, with sound waves and electrical pulses, paired with rich vitamins and antioxidants. When used together, this can deliver exceptional results, reaching deep into the skin so that the results have a lasting effect. This combination of science, knowledge and high-quality ingredients means that your skin will look and feel better than ever.

The Environ treatment doesn't stop the moment you leave the salon either, as there are a range of products that can be used at home. Pop into the salon where we offer Environ in Bristol.

Environ & CACI Premier Facials

For the ultimate skincare regime, the combination Environ and CACI premier facials are the perfect option. If you want your skin to glow like Jennifer Anniston’s, this is certainly the treat for you. This facial combines the rich Vitamin A skincare range from Environ, with the powerful technology of CACI, combatting skin issues and giving you a lift in less than two hours. You’ll really notice the difference after just one treatment, and the blissful experience will leave you feeling pampered to perfection. This is available for £139.95 at pamperbanana.

Get in touch today to ‘get the Jen effect’ for yourself!

Image: Pimkie/Flickr

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